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Highlights from Friday, Aug 30, 2013

And The Winner Is...
We announced the winner of our latest Family Bucket List experience, a family camping experience.

Q&A With Justin and Trisha Davis

Before diving into this week's question, we got to know Justin and Trisha a little better, and found out about their Fun Fridays.

And now for this week's question.

You can submit a question for Justin and Trisha here. If we use your question on the air we'll give you two tickets to the Refine Us Tour.


Love Or Dud

We played a new game this week, Love Or Dud. You had to guess if a website was an actual dating site or just something we made up.

What Era Would You Like To Visit?

We asked, if you could jump in a time machine, would era in history would you visit, and why?

Jessica picked the 1940s
Madeline wanted to go back to 1901
And Michael chose the 1990s

Are You A Gas Light Waiter Or A Right-Awayer

How long do you wait before you put gas in your vehicle? Do top off once you get down a quarter of a tank, or do you wait for the low fuel light to come on, and then some?