Highlights from Friday, Aug 09, 2013

How Old Is Your Car?
The average age of the cars on America's highways is 11.4 years. We asked you to share the age of your car.
A Toyota and a Ranger

Another Ranger and a Camry

Grandma's Volvo

Another Camry and the boys' beaters

Are There Angels Among Us

We shared the story of a woman trapped in her car after an accident. The firemen on the scene were having trouble freeing her when a man dressed as a priest showed up on the scene. After praying with everyone the priest mysterioiusly disappeared. We asked if you'd had a similar experience.

Sharon's Story

Denise's Story

Your Favorite Childhood Movie

E.T. was recently named the favorite childhood movie of Gen X'ers. We asked if you had a favorite movie from when you were a kid.