Highlights from Friday, Jul 19, 2013

They're Watching You

If you have a car with a license plate and you drive that car on any public roads, chances are your local law enforcement agency has a picture of your car. They may even be able to track where you've been and where you're going. All thanks to the (relatively) new technology that enables little cameras on police cars or mounted near traffic lights, to read your license plate and compare it to a database of offenders. Officer Rebecca did call in to give law enforcement's side of the story. Listen here.


Things You Always Forget

When it comes to forgetting anniversaries or birthdays, the guys usually get a bad rap. But we had a few ladies call in to 'fess up about forgetting those important dates.
Christie & Michelle


First Car or First Kiss: Which Is More Memorable?
According to one study, most people have an easier time remembering their first car than they do remembering their first kiss, or the name of their first kissee. But Billy has a vivid memory of his first kiss.

Somehow, while talking about the exclusive The JOY FM coffee roast from our friends at Fire Mountain Coffee Company (register here for a chance to win a bag), Jerry got the name of the company wrong. Way wrong. Listen.

Nirvana Achieved

Maybe Jerry mixed up the name of Fire Mountain Coffee Company (see the blooper above) because he was all hyped up on Twinkies. They returned to store shelves this week and Jerry captured opening his first box in this video.