Highlights from Friday, Jun 07, 2013

Gift Cards for Oklahoma

You donated over $146,000 worth of gift cards for tornado relief in Moore, OK. Shannon was part of the team that hand delivered your cards. We heard some great stories.

Trevor Williams, a campus pastor with Life Church told us about:

The Austin Disaster Relief Effort that received some of the cards

What Life Church is doing in the area

How they answer the "tornadoes are an act of God" question

Shannon presents some of the cards

Daniel from Austin Disaster Relief

Kaziah's Story

Shannon and the team got to meet many of the folks affected by the tornadoes in Moore. One of them, pictured to the right with the JOY FM team and her daughters, was Kaziah who shared her story.

Thanks For Loving Us

While making a connection in Dallas to catch the flight to Oklahoma City, Shannon met three kids and their grandmother. The kids were returning to Moore. Shannon shares that story.

More Photos From Moore

Shannon brought back dozens of photos. You can view them here.

Shannon not only took the gift cards with her, but had to pack for a four-day road trip. She managed to get everything into a single backpack! Here's Shannon's packing secret.

Back Seat Drivers

A recent study showed that both men and women think their spouses are the worst back seat drivers. We asked you for your back seat driver stories.

Kids' Games

We came across a press release from Henry County about a new Ladies Kickball League starting in Fairview. Got us to thinking about the games we loved to play as kids and still enjoy, or at least wish we could.

Badmitton & Kickball

Wiffle Ball & Tether Ball


Are Christians Really Christlike?

The Barna Group, a Christian polling and research company released a report based on a survey of self-identified Christians. The survey sought to determine if Christians are more like Jesus or the pharisees in their actions and attitudes. You can see the report here. We asked for your thoughts on the study.