Highlights from Friday, May 31, 2013

Weirdest Thing You've Ever Eaten
Sir Patrick Stewart tweeted this week that he ate his first slice of pizza at a Brooklyn pizzeria. He later clarified that it wasn't the first time he'd eaten pizza, but the first time he'd had "a slice." That got you talking about the weirdest things you've ever eaten.

Roadkill Alligator

Roadkill Beaver

Thanksgiving Possum

Emu Eggs

Kangaroo Beef Jerky

Restaurant Alligator


Unexpected Inspiration For Change
Patrick Stewart has been very outspoken about the issue of domestic violence and openly shares about his own experiences growing up with a father who abused him and his mother. The video below is of Patrick at a Q&A session during ComicPalooza and a young woman who credits Patrick's open discussions with inspiring her to make a change in her own life. We asked where you found unexpected inspiration to make a change.
At A Funeral

Here's the video

What Not To Say To Dad

There are some things that Dad just doesn't want to hear. That was highlighted but a post one of Shannon's friend made the other day.

Here's that audio.

You had a few items to add to the list.


Do You Want Help With A New Baby

Princess Kate Middleton is planning to have her mum move in to help with the new baby. Here's what you had to say about getting a little help around the house during those first few months with a new baby.