Highlights from Friday, May 10, 2013

Should a hero take a reward?

Charles Ramsey was instrumental in rescuing three women who had been kidnapped and held captive for 10 years. There was talk of a reward for Charles, who early on said "I have a paycheck, give it to those girls." Here's what you had to say on the matter.





Family Bloopers

It happens to all of us, eventually. We attempt to do something and it doesn't turn out quite as we had planned. This video compilation of bloopers from fisherman Bill Dance get us thinking about times in our own families when bloopers happened.

Some of our listeners' family bloopers involved:
Hummingbird Food

Birthday Cake


What App Do You Use First?

Apple announced the updated list of their all-time most popular apps. Our listeners shared their favorites.




The You Version Bible app was far and away the most mentioned. But we did hear about a few others.




Happy Mothers Day

Finally, we turn to our favorite politician, Kid President, for a special message for Mothers Day. We love you Mom!