Highlights from Friday, May 03, 2013


The National Day of Prayer was Thursday 5/2/13. Dorothy called in with some wonderful thoughts on why we pray.





What Would Be Your Ideal Mothers' Day Gift?

We had several moms call in to answer that question. Here's what they had to say:

A week off, for hubby!

A hunting trip.

A new car--though there was input there from hubby.


Comeback Stories

We shared the story of Braves rookie catcher Evan Gattis. Evan was one of the hottest prospects while he was in high school. He opted to accept one of two college scholarships to play ball instead of going directly into pro ball. But he never showed up for college. He'd gotten involved wtih drinking and drugs. He wandered around for a few years until he found himself hospitalized, depressed and suicidal. He fought through it and eventually made his made to the Braves. Evan's story inspired Amanda to share her own story of overcoming.