Highlights from Friday, Apr 26, 2013

Girls Night Out

Chonda Pierce will bring her "Laughing Through It Tour" to to First Baptist Church in Jonesboro on May 23. It's The JOY FM Girls Night Out. We visited with Chonda this week.

Chonda and good old fashioned Christian male bashing.

What to expect at Girls Night Out.

Chonda shares some special moments.


Saving For College

Mitch Seabaugh, the director of Georgia's 529 College Savings Plan, dropped by this week to share details of this plan. More information is available on the official website here.

What is a 529 savings plan?

What are the tax advantes?

Who can open a 529 savings account?


Where Have You Unexpectedly Found The JOY FM?


On a recent episode of the show "House Hunters" a Fayetteville realtor was showing a house. One scene showed the inside of her car and the radio tuned to 93.3 The JOY FM! got us wondering, what unexpected places have you encountered the radio station?

Amanda found us while looking for a car online.

Susan found us at the dentist.


One Man's Trash...

Would you (or have you) picked up something someone else had put out at the curb as trash? You may be surprised by the responses we got to this question, or at least amused.