Highlights from Friday, Apr 19, 2013

Pray For Boston

The week began and ended with the world watching Boston. In the aftermath of the bombing at the Boston Marathon and law enforcement's quick work in identifying two suspects there were moments of heroism and expressions of support and unity from across America. Our cities are often identified with their sports teams, and Boston is no exception. One of the earliest gestures of unity and support came from one of the Red Sox chief rivals, the New York Yankees. Here's video


Later in the week Boston's hockey team, the Bruins, played their first home game after the bombing and the crowd took over the singing of the National Anthem. Here's that video.

We asked how, especially at times like these, the National Anthem affected you.

Here's Tony

And Brittany

Pray For West, Texas

In the middle of the week an explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of West, Texas tore the town apart. Brice Peterson, an EMT and member of West's board expressed the town's thanks for the prayers and support that came in from around the world. Listen here.

Here's a tribute version of Nichole Nordeman's "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" put together by a friend of our's in Tulsa.

What's Your Preferred Birth Order?

Shannon found a survey that said that the vast majority of parents who were expecting their first child wanted a boy first. We got your thoughts.
Here's Cheryl
And Tony


Car Break-Ins


Josh Wilson was in town last week for a special CD release party. After the show he went to a favorite eatery in downtown Atlanta, where his car was broken into and about $10,000 worth of equipment and cash was stolen. You shared some experiences you've had with stuff being stolen from your vehicles. The list included:
A stereo
A saxophone
Rosary beads
A diaper bag



Another "If People...Like Animals" Video

These guys are actually pretty funny.