Highlights from Friday, Apr 12, 2013

Love In Action

We're really excited about the opportunity to serve with you and partner with the Atlanta Dream Center for our next Love In Action project. We spoke with Patrick Palmer, the director of the Dream Center.

Patrick introduces us to the Dream Center.

Patrick shares a story about how the Dream Center is making a difference.

Sears To Close Portrait Studios

Shannon shared the news that Sears will be closing their in-store portrait studios, and this photo of a 12ish-year-old Shannon and the floating head of her brother, one of Sears' favorite photo effects.

Here's what Diane had to say about her memories of family photos at Sears.




Would You Give Up Your Career For Your Spouse

Carrie Underwood recently announced that IF her husband asked her to, she would give up her career. We asked if you'd be willing to do that for your spouse. We heard both sides of the issue.

Priscilla said "absolutely."

Chanise wasn't so sure.

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Why is this child crying? He asked his dad to put butter on his rice. Dad put butter on the rice. Son cries. Jerry found this blog and it's now one of his favorites. It's simply pictures a dad has taken of his two sons who are crying and the seemingly endless reasons for the tears. If you're a parent you'll get a kick out of it.



Is Your Child Creative Or A Smart Aleck

"I want you to clean this bathroom like the Queen of England is coming for a visit," the mom told the son. It was only the fifth or sixth time she'd told him to clean the bathroom. So finally the boy cleaned it, and decorated it with items that would make the Queen feel welcome, like a box of Earl Grey tea and a toy double decker bus. We asked if your kids had ever responded in a way that could either be interpreted as creative or smart alecky.

Jenna's son used her profession against her.

Nicole shared a story about her sister.

Feel Good Video

Shannon found this feel good video. Enjoy.