Highlights from Friday, Apr 05, 2013

The JOY FM is partnering with the Atlanta Dream Center and you for another Love In Action event. Click on the "Love In Action" logo above for all of the details. We spoke with Patrick Palmer of the Dream Center on the show this week.

Here's Patrick with a little background on the Dream Center.

Patrick explains the "Adopt A Block" program.



What Happens When Your Nest Never Gets Empty?

Shannon found a study that said 25% of U.S. teenagers were PLANNING on receiving financial support from their parents, including living at home, until at least the age of 25! We asked if you'd had a conversation wtih your teenagers about when it would be time to strike out on their own.

Judy gave her kids three choices.

Dianna added one more option to the list she gave her teens.



Congestion Relief Via The Neti Pot

Shannon has been fighting some sort of bug accompanied with loads of congestion. She plunked down $12 for a contraption called a Neti Pot. Before using it she asked for advice from listeners who might have been familiar with it.

Cathy loves her, but warned of a choking sensation.

Janet hasn't used it, but her dad loves his.




Two Seasons: Christmas and Baseball

Jerry has long held that there are really only two seasons, and one of them got started this week. Baseball. Here's a link to his latest blog entry on the subject.


April Fools From Kid President

Our favorite would-be-politician, Kid President, finally got an official invite from the White House. And his appearance was posted on the official White House website as an April Fools gag. It had been promoted as a new video from "the president." Here's the video. Enjoy.