Highlights from Friday, Mar 01, 2013

Highlights for the week of February 25

We talked with Andy Brophy, founder of Love Gives Way, about shining the light on human trafficking right here in Atlanta. We gave that interview its own entry on the Prevenings Highlights section here.

Kids On A Shopping Spree

A friend of Prevenings had an incident the other day involving her two-year-old, a Kindle and Amazon.com. It seems the child started pushing random buttons on the Kindle, while it was logged on to our friend's Amazon account. By the time she figured it out the toddler had "ordered" hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. We asked if you'd had any similar experiences.

David's daughter taught her daddy about in-app purchases, to the tune of about $100.

Darren's son blew almost $700 on a Kindle. Not to buy the Kindle, but on apps for the Kindle.

We found this index of the average amount the Tooth Fairy has been leaving under pillows. We wondered how much the Tooth Fairy was leaving at your house.

Laura had a visit from the Tooth Fairy while living in London and had to do the currency conversion for us.

Sherry was a little concerned about how much the Tooth Fairy has been leaving at her nephew's house.

McKenzie is waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come back to her house.


Daddy's Little Girl

We've known the importance of the Father-Daughter relationship for centuries. But a recent study shows how important that relationship is not just for daughters but fathers too. You can read the actual study here.

Malia shared some special memories of time spent with her dad.

Melissa also shared a memory.


Cookie or Cream?

The debate over how to eat an Oreo has raged for years. Some people love the cookie but don't want the cream while others twist open the cookie, lick off the cream and throw away the outer cookies. A physicist has come up with own way of disposing of the cream and enjoying the crunchy cookie goodness. Here's the video we talked about.