Highlights from Monday, Feb 18, 2013

Piko-chan knows his address, do your kids know their's?

We shared the story of Piko-chan the Parakeet today. Piko-chan's owner taught him to recite his address. That information came in handy as Piko-chan flew out an open window and found himself in a busy downtown area. Someone found the bird and turned him in to the local police station, where Piko-chan began reciting his address. The police took him to the address and reunited him with his owner. We wondered at what point you began to teach your kids that basic information, like address and phone number. Listen to one response we got from a former law enforcement officer.

William The Weather Kid

There's a TV weatherman on station KVLY who has kids come on the show to help him with the weather. A recent example is getting a lot of attention. Here's the video.


Today's Links

We talked about 50 Bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere. The link to that list is here.
And we told you the story of Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel. Watch the video story about Twiggy here.

Today's Bible Verses

We shared Romans 7:21 - 25a today during Prayer Time. For more prayer resources visit the Prayer Center section of our website here.