Highlights from Thursday, Feb 07, 2013

Crazy Birth Stories

Shannon shared about a couple in Douglas County who recently had a baby, at a Shell gasoline station. We asked for your stories on unusual birth circumstances. Listen.

Not most peoples' first choice for having a baby.

Extreme Demonstrations Of Love

Have you ever done anything extreme to demonstrate your love? We got a call.


Sometimes we'll mention things on Prevenings that you may be interested in finding out more about. Today we talked about a website with lots of fun activities based on the works of Laura Ingles Wilder, author of the "Little House On The Prarie" books. Here's that link.

And we also told you about the 5-5-5 Challenge from Open Doors USA, an organization that fights the persecution of Christians around the world. Here's that link.


Today's Bible Verses

Today we shared Philippians 2:3 - 5.