Highlights from Wednesday, Feb 06, 2013

America's Longest Married Couple

John and Ann Betar were married on November 25, 1932. This coming November they'll celebrate their 81st anniversary. They were recently named America's longest married couple. John is now 101 years-old and Ann is 97. Their daughter said, "It's no big deal being married 80 years when you're in love." Congratulations to John and Ann.

John & Ann Betar today

Love Worth Fighting For Winner

Kirk Cameron is bringing the "Love Worth Fighting For" marriage conference to the Atlanta area on February 9 and 10. Get the details here. We gave away a VIP package to the conference. Our winner, Rebecca Parrot, shared the story of how their car broke down on their honeymoon. Here's our converstation with them as we told Rebecca she'd won. Listen.

Shannon's Secret Ingredient

Shannon shared a new recipe for turkey meatloaf. She discovered a secret ingredient, though she had a hard time pronouncing it. The recipe should be in the JOY FM Recipe Box. Here's Shannon sharing her discovery. And the proper pronunciation.

The Secret Ingredient

A Secret Celebrity Roommate

We got a call. You just have to hear it.

Louis Armstrong & his daughter, Sharon Preston-Folta