Highlights from Friday, Feb 01, 2013

Kirk Cameron

We had a lot of fun talking with Kirk. From the moment we answered his phone call we knew this was not going to be the standard radio interview. Listen.

It wasn't all laughs though. Kirk did fill us in on the upcoming marriage conference "Love Worth Fighting For." Listen.

Kirk was a pretty good sport. He agreed to play "7 Questions" with us. Here's part one.

Here's part two of "7 Questions."

In parting, Kirk gave us a little hint on what early arrivers to "Love Worth Fighting For" can expect. Listen.


Today's Bible Verses

We wrapped up the show today with Prayer Time and sharing James 1:16 - 18.

Post-Op Matt

Yesterday we took calls of comfort and good-natured teasing aimed at Matt, the producer for The Morning Cruise. Matt had all of his wisdom teeth extracted today.

We caught up with him on the phone shortly after his procedure. Listen.

It's A Dad's Life

Here's the video Kirk Cameron was talking about.