Highlights from Monday, Jan 28, 2013

Super Bowl Food Facts

Super Bowl Sunday is America's second biggest "eating holiday," right behind Thanksgiving. It's also our second biggest "grilling out" weekend, behind Fourth of July weekend. And it's the #1 pizza delivery day of the year. But the #1 food for Super Bowl festivities is chicken wings. We've heard about a potential shortage of wings this year and asked listeners for alternative recipes. Listen.

New Christian Reality Web Series

There's a new Christian "TV" website offering some original programming. Their first series is "Surrender The Secret," a show that follows five ladies through a Bible study. The hook to this series is that all of the women in the study have had abortions and are dealing with the emotional and spiritual affects. Fox News did a story on the series:

Love In Action

We have a brand new opportunity for you to share the JOY. We call it Love In Action. And this month you can help us in working with the Georgia Baptist Children's Home in Palmetto as we put on a Valentine's Day banquet for them. All of the details and a volunteer sign up form is here. A few weeks ago we talked with a gentleman named Darrel who inadvertently let it slip that he had a clown ministry. What would be better entertainment for this banquet than a clown, we thought. Problem was, we weren't sure how to get hold of Darrel. So we asked for your help. Tina responded, listen. With Tina on the job it wasn't long until we'd tracked down Darrel, listen.

Today's Bible Verses

We shared Hebrews 10:23 - 25 during our Prayer Time to wrap up today's show.