Highlights from Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013

Beyonce sang The Star Spangled Banner at President Obama's inauguratiion. Or did she?

Controversy was swirling today as it came out that Beyonce actually lip synced the National Anthem at the inauguration. Here's what you had to say....

Medicinal Sorbet

Jeni's Ice Cream in New York has come out with a new flavor of sorbet, "Influenza Sorbet" that contains ingredients like cayenne pepper, ginger and bourbon that reportedly relieve flu symptons. It's available for order online here.

This is a real flavor of sorbet

Inadvertent Bidet

Every workplace has its own little quirks. At The JOY FM one of those quirks has to do with two of our restrooms. You'll see the top sign posted in the mens room and the bottom picture in the ladies' room.

Why do we need these instructions in our rest rooms? Because when you flush in the mens room it has a geyser-effect on the ladies' room. Here's actual video proof.

Flat Daddies

We found a place that's doing something special for the kids of U.S. service men and women who are deployed. It's a lifesize picture of the dad or mom that the children can keep close by to help ease their time away from their parent.

Find out more at FlatDaddies.com.


Today's Bible Verses

Today we led into our daily Prayer Time with two verses from the book of Proverbs, chapter 3, verses 3 and 4.