Highlights from Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013

The flu is spreading quickly this season. Shannon shared Mandisa's famous "Winkie Juice" home remedy. You can read more about it here. And we also got a recipe from Katie.


Inconvenient Conveniences

Sometimes technology that's supposed to make our lives easier has some unintended inconveniences built in. We had a web-based video conference with our network of stations earlier today and missed half of it due to pixilation and buffering. We knew we weren't alone in this kind of thing, and Jim and Penny both called in to concur.

Workplace Fridge Thieves

The picture above clearly shows a Powerade 8-Pak in the JOY FM fridge. Or, what's left of the 8-Pak.


And this picture shows that the 8-Pak was clearly marked as belonging to Ken. But Ken didn't drink those 5 Powerades all by himself. We asked if you'd had any experience with items going missing from your workplace fridge.


Toda's Bible Reference

As we wrap up the show each day we share a couple of verses from the Bible. Today we read Romans 12:9 - 13.