Highlights from Wednesday, Jan 09, 2013

Personal Tongue Twisters

Some words are just hard for some of us to pronounce. And some of us have trouble when with certain that are put together in a phrase. Carrie called to share a phrase and Chris issued a challenge. Listen here.

And Mary called with a word many of us have had trouble saying. Listen here.

This whole discussion got started when Matt Fields, producer for The Morning Cruise, was trying to tell us abou a Mariachi player he spotted in a Chris Tomlin video. So Jerry and Shannon each wrote a Haiku about Mariachi and had Matt read them both. Listen here.

Welcome To The ATL, 7th Rudest City In America?

Shannon found a survey of travelers that name the rudest cities in America. New York City and Los Angeles were #1 and #2, but the shocker was that Atlanta was #7. We thought, "That can't be right," and aske for your opinion. Listen here.


Quittin' Time!

Here's the exchange between Jerry, Shannon and Roxanne from Bowden just after 5:00 pm. Listen here.