Highlights from Friday, Jan 04, 2013

The Catacombo

We could not make this up. A company in Sweden has starting selling caskets with built-in $30,000 sound systems that include an interface for the headstone that tells visitors to the gravesite what you're "listening" to in there. Here are few of the calls we got on this, along with a brief segment of the "advert".

Music for your final journey

The coffin comes with speakers and an "amazing" subwoofer.


Food Desecration

So a guy walks into a Subway sandwich shop...no, it's the start of a bad joke. A customer at a Subway asked the sandwich guy to put catsup on his Philly Cheese Steak. Well Subway doesn't use catsup. This started a ruckus that ended with the police being called. It also got us talking about weird things you've seen or done yourself to food. Here are some of the responses.



You know, for a short week like this one that included the New Years holiday, you'd think our list of apologies would be waaayyy shorter. But here it is. (Not sure why we're apologizing to these folks? One more reason to listen more next week.)

Subway Restaraunts




Russell Crowe

Online Bingo Players


Face Book users who find their pages turned into memorials

Self-proclaimed gurus