Highlights from Friday, Nov 16, 2012


Perseverance Against All Odds - The Courageous 13


We shared our conversation with Coach Adrian Chism, coach of the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy football team. 

His team is known as the "Courageous 13" because the team includes 13 players, most have never played football, most weigh under 180 pounds and 2 are special needs.

What they've lacked in performance ON the field is made up when you hear how the team has inspired fans AND opponents on and off the field. 

We encouage you to listen to the words of Coach Chism below - he's reminded us of what perserverance really looks like!

If you'd like more information on The Courageous 13 and would like to help provide some much needed resources, Email Coach Chism


Coach Chism shares how he ended up coaching a team of 13 football players



How do you inspire and motivate a football team of 13 players?



The Courageous 13's opponents have been touched by this team.  Hear an amazing story of God at work on the field after a game



Coach shares some of the struggles he and his team have faced and why they have continued to say yes to God



Many people have asked how they could help the team so Coach Chism shares how people can help