Highlights from Friday, Oct 19, 2012



On Saturday, November 17th we're teaming up with Feeding Children Everywhere for a meal packing event.  We ask that you volunteer to help pack meals for hungry children in the Atlanta area.  CLICK HERE to volunteer an hour of your time - a small way to make  BIG impact!

We spoke with the founder of Feeding Children Everywhere so he could share his heart for kids and explain how meal packing events work

LISTEN Meet Don Campbell, founder of Feeding Children Everywhere

LISTEN Don explains how inviting kids to dinner with his family turned into a community ministry and act of love

LISTEN A neighborhood ministry has turned into Feeding Children Everywhere, providing meals for thousands of children.   Don shares how it became a reality

LISTEN You can join Don and The JOY FM for a meal packing event on Saturday, November 17th.  Don explains what's included in the meal and how the meal packing event works

LISTEN Meal packing events are Family Friendly! Don explains how people of ALL ages can get involved and why it's a great opportunity for you to invite an unchurched friend