Highlights from Monday, Apr 30, 2012

Monday, April 30th

CRAZY DISTRACTIONS WHILE DRIVING: You've been there or seen it before - people doing crazy things while driving.  You called in to admit what you've done while driving...or seen others doing.  There's some crazy stuff here y'all!  If you have something to add share HERE

LISTEN  A woman called to share about playing her flute while driving.  Band nerds will love this!

LISTEN Jeannie shares about a lady she saw feeding her baby while driving

LISTEN  A listener shared that she keeps tweezers in her car for those moments when she's stopped at a stop sign or red light and needs to do some beauty maintenance

LISTEN Proof that a lady really called in to say she nursed her baby while driving

FEEL GOOD VIDEO OF THE DAY: If you've had a bad Monday, CLICK HERE to watch the video.  A dog guards his owner's bike and has become a local celebrity in his hometown.  Guaranteed to make you smile (and be sure to stick around until the end to see the dog's special trick)

Tuesday, May 01st

NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY MONTH:  We’re celebrating photography this month.  Since Shannon is obsessed with photography and Jerry’s getting on board we’re committing to share a photo a day via our blogs on the Prevenings homepage. 

Click here to see Shannon’s photo of the day

Click here to see Jerry’s photo of the day