Highlights from Monday, Apr 23, 2012


Monday, April 23rd

Embarrassing Moments:  We've all been there before...in the middle of a very embarrassing moment.  Shannon shared her most embarrassing moment (from a visit to the ER last week). 

LISTEN Shannon's embarrassing moment from the ER last week

LISTEN "Anonymous" called in to share about mistaking her husband's boss as HER husband

"Feel Good Video of the Day":  Grandparents Discovering Photo Booth (our fav is the grandpa who looks like Carl from the movie UP).  See the video HERE  Jerry has never played with Photo Booth so he used Shannon's MacBook and made his own video for your viewing pleasure.   You can view Jerry's video on our facebook page HERE

Matt Fields and the Single Man's Potluck Dilema:  We had a potluck at work today.  Matt Fields from The Morning Cruise signed up to bring a casserole.  He brought a Stouffers Frozen Lasagna.  Jerry and Shannon decided Matt needs to have a few easy recipes on hand so he can learn to cook a few things for events of this kind (and even for himself).

LISTEN Caleb shares his Chicken Surprise recipe

LISTEN Hope shares her Oreo Parfait recipe

Do you have a recipe to share that Matt could make?  It has to be 6 ingredients or less to keep it simple for him :)  Share your recipe here


Tuesday, April 24th

"Feel Good Video of the Day":  "How to Stop a Nightmare" - even if you are not a "cat person" you will love this! See the video HERE

Bill Martin's Voicemail Message:  Bill Martin of The Morning Cruise is one of our favorite people.  We call him to ask him questions about life sometimes and yesterday he didn't answer the phone and we were surprised that the outgoing voicemail message for a radio pro like Bill Martin would sound like this

LISTEN Bill's Outgoing Voicemail Message

LISTEN Bill explains where the message was recorded and a unique air flow system that surrounded him as he recorded it

"I Like Birds!" and More Fine Apps for Your Smart Phone

LISTEN Bill Martin of The Morning Cruise shares apps he loves.  He recommended a sleep aide app for Jerry and a bird app for the bird lover on the prevenings show, Shannon Steele. 

We also learned how cheap Jerry Williams is. He has never paid for an app on his smart phone.  Shannon has probably paid for more than she should but is willing to pay to not have to deal with in app ads.

Here are the paid apps Shannon recommends. 

  • Camera+ - If you really love photography and find the iPhone camera to be a bit boring - this is worth the money.  The ability to edit photos and add filters to improve the look and feel of your photos is a plus that makes it worth the $2.99
  • Lo-Mob - experiment with low tech photography and many more retro looks than are available on apps such as Instagram.  It's become one of my new favs which made me glad I was willing to pay $1.99
  • 8mm - 8mm is to video what Instragram is to photos.  It lets you import video and give it a retro look OR film video in the app with many different retro filters.  $1.99 for the feel of the 8mm movies you watched with parents or grandparents is a little price to pay

Here are the free apps recommended by Jerry and Shannon

  • Instagram - you've probably heard a lot about this app in the past few weeks since Facebook just bought it for 1 billion dollars. The best part of this app?  Well, the filters are cool and give your photos a vintage feel.  But above and beyond that...it's the social network of photography.  You can follow friends who post pictures and "like" and comment on them and have others follow you as well.  Plus, it's free!
  • Sleep Cycle  - Bill Martin mentioned this on The Morning Cruise and Jerry Williams went on a hunt for a free one!  He found it.  The app monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best time


Wednesday, April 25th

Yankees Perfume and Cologne:  Jerry and Shannon are both New York Yankees fans. There’s a new official New York Yankees cologne for men and perfume for women.  You can pick them up at Yankee Stadium or at retailers like Macy’s. The makers say the scents were created to evoke feelings of confidence & strength.  Read more about it here 

LISTEN We knew mentioning this would stir up trouble

Doggy Video Bombing:  Humans do it so why can’t dogs do it?  Ever heard of "photo-bombing" or "video-bombing"? If not - it's when people unexpectedly pop in photos or video you're taking. WATCH a dog named Storm...video bombing a newscast

People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women List:  It was announced today that Beyonce has been named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman of the Year.  That made us wonder…how would you choose if you were making the list?  Who is People missing on their lists of beautiful people each year?

LISTEN Laura called in to share her thoughts on the list

LISTEN Shannon and Hannah share a moment about a few of our Christian artists that they think should be on the list

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets? Some Americans says once a week but lots of folks say they change their sheets once every three or four weeks.  Once a week is what microbiologist and immunologist recommend because along with dust mites and pet dander – you can perspire up to a liter a night…and even more if you use a lot of covers.

Shannon changes her sheets at least twice a week.  Jerry has no idea how often his wife changes their sheets

LISTEN A listener felt she had to call after hearing this  

Are you a Workaholic?  Take the Test:  Jerry came across a new quiz to help you determine your state of work addiction. Take the test- just respond to the following statements with one of the following:
Sometimes--3 points
Often--4 points
Always--5 points

A. You think of how you can free up more time to work.

B. You spend much more tiime working than you initially planned.
C. You work in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness and/or depression.
D. You have been told by others to cut down on work, but you ignore the advice.
E. You become stressed if you are prohibited from working.
F. You deprioritize hobbies, leisure activities and exercise because of work.
G. You work so much that it has negatively affected your health.


16 or higher, you're a bona fide Workaholic
12 - 15 you're mildly addicted, take a couple of days off
less than 12 points, you have no tendency to work addiction, in fact, you may be guilty of goofing off a little too much.


Thursday, April 26

Feel Good Photo of the Day:  we had some fun with the photo of the day and asked listeners to create a caption for this cute photo.  You can see the captions folks submitted and share your own HERE


Is this better than eating alone?  A new site called Invite for a Bite is geared toward women who travel and have to eat alone. Basically, you make a profile and connect with other people in the same city to eat dinner. (The site is only for women in order to avoid being a dating site.) You can read more about it HERE



Friday, April 27th

Marc Martel of Downhere on American Idol:  We love it when our artists get to share their talents on a larger scale. Marc Martel of Downhere has been picked as the lead singer for a Queen tribute extravaganza and will be touring the country over the summer.  The Queen Extravaganza performed on American Idol last night and Marc did an amazing job!  Keep him in your prayers as he travels with this tour - for God to use him to impact folks he encounters

See video of Marc's performance HERE

Ban.jo App: interesting new idea in apps (plus, it's free to try on your smartphone).  Banjo bills itself as an app that gives you social super powers.  You can get a real-time view of what’s happening anyplace, anytime and get alerted when friends are near so you can connect with them (including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram friends). 

Read more about it HERE