Highlights from Thursday, Apr 05, 2012

SPC Jonathan Davis was a loved and respected member of the Grffin community.  The 20 year old was married to Kristen who is 8 months pregnant with their son Benjamin. His family and the entire commuity suffered a loss when Davis was killed in Afghanistan on March 31st. 

Today, family spokesperson Pastor Randy Valimont from Griffin First Assembly of God joined us to remember Johnathon and let us know about services honoring him and how we can help his family moving forward. 

LISTEN Pastor Randy shares about Jonathan Davis and the special way people all over the area honored him today

LISTEN Pastor Randy shares about the challenges of facing a tragedy of this kind

LISTEN Pastor Randy shares how we can help the Davis family and reminds us of the impact Johnathon made

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Easter services being held at Griffin First Assembly through the weekend.  The program is dedicated to the memory of Davis

CLICK HERE to learn more about Operation Daddy's Boy aimed at helping cover the needs of Davis' wife Kristen and their unborn child Benjamin.