Highlights from Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012

Kids Bucket List

We ran across THIS BLOG from a mom sharing about a "bucket list" of sorts for kids.  8 Things Every Kids Should Experience before they become teens.  Here's the complete list from the show including tips from the blog-any you would add? Share here

1. Being Part of a Team
2. Camping
3. Chores
4. Snow
5. Farm Life
6. A lemonade stand
7. Flying A Kite
8. Bowling
9. Fishing
10. Picnics
11. Cooking with mom or dad

Prevening Preview with Bill Martin

Bill Martin from The Morning Cruise shares a preview of a poem he'll feature on tomorrow's Morning Cruise show.  Powerful and worth the listen!  LISTEN here

"Doctor Matt" from The Morning Cruise

Matt Fields is one the most special people we know.  Big heart and soul.  BUT, Carmen from The Morning Cruise asked us to help him as accountability partners and make sure he started training for The Peachtree Road Race in July

LISTEN as Matt reveals where he is in his training schedule

LISTEN as we surprise Matt with a call to see if he's sticking to his training for the day