Spread the Love, Share the JOY


In February we’re encouraging you to be intentional about sharing JOY and the love of God with people you encounter. 

Here’s how to spread the love and share the joy:

Grab a pen and a sticky note.

Write a message

 It can be an inspirational quote, a specific message to someone, a Bible verse, even song lyrics

At the bottom of the note write the hashtag #shareJOY and our website, thejoyfm.com
Doing this helps point people back to The JOY FM so they can learn more about the love of God and find the encouragement YOU find as you listen


Leave the note in place where someone will find it
Here are some ideas: a co-worker's desk, a friend's car, on equipment at the gym, on a mirror in a public place



Be sure to share your experience with us!

Whether you leave a note or find one, be sure to take a photo of it and share on our Facebook page.

We’ll be posting those photos on our website to help encourage others to do what you’re doing