Helping You Find Community Resources


Community Resources


The JOY FM is committed to reaching out to the community and making a real difference in the lives of families in Atlanta and beyond. We are here to help you find helpful information about issues that affect our community. You can find resources and tips on various topics.


Avoid Chore Wars - Stop the battle! This Focus on the Family resource will guide parents about how to get children to do their chores.

Christian Persecution - In 2016 approximately 90,000 Christians died for their faith around the world.  That's one every six minutes.

Child Passenger Safety - Do you know what car seat is right for your child's age? Get the info here.

Feed The Pig - Learn how feeding your pig is beneficial to your future.

Heart Disease  - Learn the facts and risks of heart disease.

See Something, Say Something - If you see something suspicious, you need to speak up!

Local Food Banks - We love partnering with local food banks in our community to bring "joy" to those in need. They are always looking for local volunteers, contact one today in your area.