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Celebrating 30 Years with 30 Wishes!

This Year, The JOY FM is Celebrating 30 Years of Helping YOU Find JOY!
And we're taking all year to do it by Granting

30 Wishes!

We want to celebrate our 30th Year by Being JOY AND Helping YOU BE JOY to those close to YOU! Here's how YOU can #bejoy to someone who is struggling OR who just needs a little JOY sent their way!
  WHAT: Submit a WISH for a Friend, Relative or Co-worker. If your wish is chosen, The JOY FM will contact YOU!
  WHEN: Beginning now through the end of 2016
HOW: Complete the contact information required below & in 250 words or less, tell us about YOUR WISH recipient and how we can #bejoy to them.
**When you support The JOY FM, YOU make 30 WISHES possible, please CLICK HERE to give online or mail a check to P.O. Box 669, Tyrone, GA 30290. If your company has a specific service or product(s) they'd like to donate for a wish (Orthodontic services, Cleaning services, In-home Chef services, Personal Training, New Appliances, New Car, Hotel Package, etc.) please CLICK HERE and tell us what you are offering to donate and the value of the service or products. ** Note: Donations of product(s) or services are not tax deductible.
Rules: WISH submissions will be read by designated representatives of The JOY FM & recipients will be prayerfully chosen (not randomly selected). In some cases, WISH recipients will be required to complete a W-9 for any items or services received valued at $600 or more, and if the WISH recipient is a minor, the legal parent and/or guardian will be required to complete a W-9 for items or services received valued at $600 or more.