The Joy Of Truth

Open BibleThe truth will set us free. Jesus told us that, and we cling to that fact. As Christians we are to be people of truth. Yes, truth can set us free. And at times truth can be painful. Truth is oblivious to our circumstances. It simply is true.

The premise of the Gospel is based on an uncomfortable truth; we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God. That word “sin” has fallen into disuse in today’s culture. The very idea that people are incapable of being “good enough” is foreign to most of modern society. Yet the truth is that no one is “good enough” for whatever it is a degree of goodness is necessary.

So how do we share a message of hope and grace and mercy with a world that is unfamiliar with or hostile to the notion that they are in need of saving? We speak the truth in love.

I think deep down, in their darkest moments, when they are alone with nothing but their own thoughts for company, most people realize that there is something missing in their lives. There’s an emptiness inside, a longing for something more. They may not be able to articulate it; they may not fully understand it. But it’s there nonetheless. And the kindness of Jesus, His mercy, grace, peace, patience, understanding and love are so welcoming, so needed that the truth of the need is eased in the realization of the truth that Jesus came not to condemn but to rescue.

As we seek to grow in Him we must also speak truth and speak it in love.

Jerry Williams.