Offering Prayer

Looking for opportunities to be there for others

I read a story in The Christian Post recently about a man named Tony Thornton of Louisiana who went on a week long walk of 150 miles offering prayers and conversation to those he met along the way. What really got my attention in the article, though, were his comments about prayer and conversation. He said that talking with strangers was an awkward experience, but admitted that growth happens when we get out of our “comfort zone.” His takeaway from his journey was this:

“The great tragedy of the world is not unanswered prayer, it’s un-offered prayer. I think so many people may never be acknowledged as a person, so the power of a conversation shows that you care.”

In an age when it’s so easy to keep to ourselves and be consumed by seeing life “virtually” through a screen, it is still important to have interaction with those around us – whether we know them or not. Jesus calls us to be His hands and feet in this world. Doing that requires vigilant interaction with those around us. There are probably people all around us that need to have their prayer requests known. It’s up to us to ask how we can pray for them.