My Cup Overflows

How to find confidence in the midst of danger

Lone SheepThe image of God as shepherd is one of the most pervasive in all of scripture. Even though the role of the shepherd in our society is not as prevalent as it was during the thousands of years when the Bible was being written, it is still one that’s pretty simple for us to wrap our heads around.

God is our protector and provider. King David understood this as well as anyone and his picture of God as shepherd recorded in the 23rd Psalm is timeless. As we read those six short verses it’s as if we’ve been transported to rich, green pastures in the very presence of the living God. And though the scene is idyllic we are aware that danger and evil are not far off.

Still, we are restful in the knowledge that God is with us. Even as enemies surround us, He sets a banquet table for us and we are secure in the knowledge that He is near and goodness and mercy follow close behind. As we face tomorrow and beyond, fraught with yet to be revealed enemies and evil, we are secure in the knowledge that we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Jerry Williams

Psalms 23:6