Hit The Brakes

When you know it's time to rest

Mark 6:31



I have a 12-month calendar hanging on the wall in my kitchen. We write down all of the family's commitments- meetings, doctors' appointments, classes, church events. Along with that, there is my work schedule at The JOY FM, plus my job as worship pastor, AND my monthly commitments to lead a worship band at another church. My plate is not just full, it's overflowing. There were times where I was on the go for two, sometimes three straight weeks without a break. No time to spend with family or friends. No time to just sit and worship at church because I was too busy behind the scenes. No time to rest.

I started to become weary. The constant business was getting to me. I was missing my family. Most of my alone time with God was while I was rushing from one place to the next in the car. I knew I had to do something. 

Finally, my prayer was to ask God to show me how to restructure my life. I'm sure God was thinking, what took you so long! Yes, I know. I still struggle with letting go of control. That's a topic for another devotional...

It was hard. There was the possibility of losing extra income. But what was more important- more money or getting rest and being a better Christ-follower, better father and husband? 

I made the decision to scale back on my commitments. Even to the point of leaving something that I truly loved - my position as worship pastor. I needed time to rest, to reconnect with God and my family. I was still very nervous. I still wasn't sure this was the right move, especially since it meant giving up my love for leading worship on a regular basis.

That's when God really started working. He started bringing peace to my heart and assuring me this was the right decision. The first time He gave me peace was when I was able to attend church with my daughter while I was in Columbus. I couldn't remember the last time I was able to worship with Emma and just have God pour His word into me.

God knew how stubborn I can be. He didn't stop there. The following day, I received a daily devotion email entitled "Jesus Needed Rest and So Do You" by Alli Worthington. She focused on Mark 4 where Jesus, despite being amongst the crowds of people longing to hear His message and needing healing, told the disciples to come with Him in the boat to rest (Mark 4:35-40). He was setting boundaries in His time. If Jesus could set boundaries and make time to regularly rest, why couldn't I? (If you want to read this devotional, click this link)

Okay, God... I got it. Rest, restructure my life, trust in You. Make more time for You and and my family. That's what I'm going to do.

Are you facing a similar struggle? Are you overextended and feeling worn out? If I don't do all of this, am I a bad Christian?

Nope. It's in the Bible. God rested (Genesis 1), we are to rest on the Sabbath (Exodus 20),  Jesus rested (Mark 4), and told us to rest (Mark 6).

I will pray for you as you add those boundaries in your life. On one condition- you do the same for me!

In Christ's love,