God's Strength

Don't feel like you have to face battles alone!


2 Samuel

We all face times of struggle. Before I fully submitted my life to Jesus, I would rely only on me to get through my struggles and not ask for any help- from friends, family or God. I would feel like I would not get through it. It wore me down. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Know of someone who thinks that way?

As I grew more in my Christian walk, I was reminded over and over about God's tremendous strength that is there to help us power through our adversity. The only way to tap into that is by surrendering and placing our full trust in Him. One of the passages of scripture that helped me understand that is from 2 Samuel 22:32-33-

Who is God except the Lord?
Who is the Rock except our God?
God gives me strength for the battle.
He makes my way perfect.

Samuel lived his life fully devoted to God. Whenever there was adversity, God was faithful to Samuel and protected him through many a battle. Samuel emphasized the magnitude of God's strength throughout his life.

I will, on occasion, fall back to my old ways. But those words from Samuel are my reminder to rely on God to help me. I hope those words encourage you to always remain true to God, and turn to Him in your weakest moments!