Give Thanks For God's Word

For many of us, sitting down for a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones also involves going around the table expressing our thanks for the blessings in our lives. Often there is mention of family, friends, and possessions. How often do our Bibles make the list, though?

Having access to God’s word is definitely making my list this year considering the knowledge that so many in our world don’t have that same privilege. Did you know that in North Korea, Christians are so hungry for a Bible that they’re willing to risk 15 years in a labor camp or even death to acquire a copy of God’s Word? Rachel Godwin of World Help says that “some people have never even seen a copy of the Scriptures in their life.”

Knowing this gives me a new appreciation for the blessing of always having access to a Bible. Join with me and pray for organizations like World Help that are working to get Bibles into the hands of desperate Christians.