Called To Greater

God will NEVER forsake us.

Throughout scripture we see stories of God taking people from humble beginnings to positions of greatness for His Glory. We see this manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes the result is power and wealth (David and Gideon come to mind). Other times the opposite happens (such as in the case of Job). However these stories play out, the underlying element of faith in God is what makes them so profound and applicable to our own journey. Whether we have a clear vision of how God wants to use us or we are still waiting for an answer; whether we have abundant material resources or just the clothes on our backs; whether we have influence over large groups of people or just a few, we are to be obedient to the One who created and sustains us.  Never listen to the Enemy that tells you that you’ve been forsaken. Our Heavenly Father will give us everything we need. We need to always tell others of what He’s done for us and what He will do for all of his children.