Support our Veterans

Deployed and Returning Service Personnel Deserve Our Support

Our Veterans deserve the very best, especially our support for their service and sacrifice.  Two organizations in our area provide support to veterans, not only in our community but around the U.S and the world. 

HeroBox is a social platform that seeks to connect community members to deployed service personnel.  When you register on their site, they will match you with a Hero and give you a list of items to ship to a deployed soldier.  You can either purchase the items yourself, or purchase a pre-packaged box to send.  Through their program you can sponsor a Unit or sponsor a Hero for a specified period or one time.


 Armed Forces Mission is a crisis intervention program that assists veterans that are struggling after deployment.  Suicide among returning military personnel is increasing, and AFM is responding with intervention programs and Rapid Response Teams to help.  To date they have conducted over 800 interventions and established training sessions, teaching over 10,000 responders how to intervene.

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