Support High School Sports

Teaching Students to Positively Compete


Participation in high school sports can be a critical step in teaching young people important life lessons.  Teaching students to positively compete in sports can translate into how to positively compete in life. 

Education-based athletics teach our children life lessons that can’t be taught in high school classrooms and often aren’t taught at home. High school athletes emerge from their sport with more self-discipline, greater respect for rules and an appreciation for the values that will make them more productive, responsible citizens.

Supporting your local high school sports program is a great way to effectively impact the next generation.

Here is why High School Sports are so important to our communities:

  • Research shows that high school athletes have higher grade point averages, better school attendance records and fewer disciplinary problems
  • High school sports teach important life lessons like self-discipline, sportsmanship, respect for rules and time management skills
  • High school sports help fight teen obesity and substance abuse issues
  • High school sports provide wholesome, constructive after-school activity, perfect for today’s working families
  • The life lessons that student-athletes learn and practice while in high school are instrumental in helping them become more active, productive citizens
  • Many of them will be future leaders in our communities

For more information contact the Georgia High School Association  or the National Federation of State High School Associations.

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