Single Parenting


Being a parent is sometimes hard, but being a single parent can be even more arduous.  It’s rewarding, challenging and overwhelming all at the same time! 

In her article in Today’s Christian Woman, No One Dreams of Being a Single Mom, Erina Ludwig encourages us to love rather than label.  She stresses that Christians who progress through the normal cycle of high school, college, marriage, a house and dog, and family, generally receive lots of support.  But those who stray from this cycle can become easy targets for stinging criticism and possibly, the blame for society’s failings.

  • There are approximately 12 million single parents in the US; or 1 in every 27 persons
  • 83 percent of the 12 million are women
  • 50 percent of female single parents are employed full time
  • Single female parents earn about 78 percent less than their male counterparts
  • The average 2013 annual income for a single mom was $26,000 compared to $84,000 for employed married women
  • There has been a slow steady growth of single fathers in recent years
  • In 1960 there were 300,000 single fathers; in 2011 there were 2.6 million

Pros of single parenting  -

  • No more fighting about who does what
  • There’s only one authority figure
  • You don’t have to share your closet
  • Shared custody means every other weekend to yourself
  • Kids accept responsibility
  • Parent relationships can mend

Cons of Single

  • Feel overwhelmed
  • You constantly question yourself
  • Self-pity sometimes takes over
  • Others don’t understand your circumstances
  • Feel alone
  • You sometimes feel different and that you don’t measure up to the world’s standards of love, success and awesomeness in life
  • Struggles and guilt abound
  • You can be the odd one out at times
  • Financial burdens

How to respond to a single

  • Don’t judge
  • Love instead
  • Have empathy, lend a hand, take the kids occasionally
  • Listen
  • Be a friend
  • Give grace
  • Don’t disappear, offer support

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