Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Is Your Child Ready?

Summer activities may currently be on your mind, but before you know it school will be in session again.  If you have a child that is beginning kindergarten this year, you might be wondering “Are they ready?”

Kindergarten begins your child’s formal education.  “Success or failure at this stage can affect a child’s well-being, self-esteem, and motivation. As a result, it’s important to make sure that when your child begins school he or she is developmentally ready to learn and participate in classroom activities.”

Steps to Help Your Child be Ready -

  • Keep your child healthy – see that they eat healthy food, get plenty of rest,  get routine medical checkups and immunizations are up to date
  • Have a routine – eat, sleep and play at regular times each day.  This establishes to your child what they can expect and what is expected from them.
  • Help develop basic skills – teach them numbers, colors, shapes and letters
  • Read and play games – Read daily with your child and play games that include rhyming; these help in their development.  Computer programs that teach reading are not as effective as you and your child reading together.
  • Broaden horizons – Look for opportunities to open their eyes to new things; enroll them in preschool, go to a museum or enroll them in community programs that include art, science, etc.
  • Encourage social activities – sign them up for group activities, invite friends for outings. “Encourage your child to share, express his or her feelings, practice taking turns, and follow simple directions.”
  • Discuss kindergarten – talking about kindergarten and explaining what they will encounter can build excitement and lessen anxiety.  Attend your child’s schools open house to help acclimate them so their first day won’t be as stressful. offers a list of skills that will be beneficial to your child before they begin kindergarten.

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