Irrigate Smart

Conserve water by Irrigating Smart



Conserving water should be something we all think about, especially when it comes to your yard and garden.  Saving water is easy if you adopt a few easy strategies that will help not only save water, but money too.  And you’ll also see better results.

Plant Right -

  • Landscape your lot – choose plants and grass that will grow in your area and climate and need less water.  Divide your yard in sections; consider the lighting in each area and whether it is damp or dry and the size of the plants needed for each section.  How do you plan on using this area?
  • Healthy soil is key – For good soil penetration aerate your lawn and around trees at least once a year.  Cultivate your soil and add compost or fertilizer to improve moisture retention and grow healthy plants that will need less water and thrive.
  • Mulch – be sure to put 2 to 4 inches of mulch around your plants to reduce water evaporation, prevent drastic changes in soil temperatures and improve water penetration.  It also helps keep weeds, which compete for water, under control.
  • Group similar plants – group plants according to their moisture needs to make sure they get the water they need without overwatering.  Separate your plants away from grassy areas that have different water needs.
  • Plant at appropriate time – avoid planting in summer when plants need more water to become established.  Spring and fall are the best times.
  • Use grass for appropriate areas – plant grass in high traffic areas like play zones or around patios.  Use ground cover, perimeter plants or mulch on steep slopes or other hard-to water areas.
  • Plant shade trees – Shade trees lower the air and soil temperatures and reduce soil moisture loss.
  • Maintain – If you maintain your garden and yard it will require less water; so weed, prune and mow.

For more information on conserving water in your yard and garden, investing in an irrigation system, watering wisely, maintaining and upgrading your irrigation system and working with an irrigation professional, visit

Also visit Fulton County Public Works to find ways to irrigate smart.


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