Grads of Life


Companies are facing a crisis of talent.  Many positions for workers are available, but go unfulfilled.  Why?

"Six million middle-skills jobs in the United States are at risk of “degree inflation”—the practice of requiring a college degree for jobs traditionally held by middle-skills workers who have more education than a high-school diploma, but less than a four-year college degree. Dismissed by Degrees: How degree inflation is undermining U.S. competitiveness and hurting America’s middle class examines how this phenomenon impacts young American’s ability to enter the workforce."

"America’s skills gap is continuing to grow. Labor participation is declining steeply, while demand for skills is sharply rising. Too many jobs are taking too long to fill, while too many aspiring workers remain on the sidelines. And American employers, people and the US economy are suffering."

Grads of Life offers information on how companies should take a second look at Opportunity Youth and consider offering internships, apprenticeships or mentoring programs to grow their talent pool for the future.

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