Georgia Boating Requirements

Know the Rules of Water Safety



Summer time is here and many Georgians will be out on our beautiful lakes and rivers skiing, fishing and enjoying the warm summer days.  Did you know that Georgia boat operators are required to complete a mandatory boater education  course before operating a boat on Georgia waterways?  Below are links to help you enjoy your summer boating activities. 

Mandatory Boating Education Law

Find boater education classes in your area.

Regional Georgia Boater Education Classes

Do you know the rules of the waterways or how many personal flotation devices you need? Perhaps keeping a copy of this handbook on your boat will be helpful.

Georgia Boating Handbook

How to register your boat:

Boat Registration

And don’t forget your fishing license!

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Did you also know that having an ignition Safety switch (or a Kill switch) on your boat can save your life?  This switch will kill the engine in the event the boat operator falls overboard, keeping someone from possibility of being severely injured. Visit the or the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division to learn more.


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