Finish Your Diploma

Completing Your High School Diploma Can Be Beneficial

For today’s adults who dropped out of high school and never completed their high school diploma the future can look bleak.  Opportunities for employment are scarce, and more than likely those opportunities do not include a livable wage. “In the US over 30 million adults do not have a high school diploma and 20% of US adults with a high school diploma have only beginning literacy skills.”

Statistics -

  • 63 % of adults with low academic skills are employed but earn low wages and lack the preparation to go to college
  • Three million youth drop out of school each year
  • One in four working families in the US is low income
  • One in five children live in poverty
  • Nearly 20 million US adults have limited proficiency
  • Most adult learners are parents and primary caregivers of school-age children
  • Adults without a high school diploma are more than twice as likely to be unemployed and almost 3 times as likely to live in poverty
  • Low-skilled adults are 4 times more likely to report poor health
  • Over 40% of inmates have not completed high school
  • Typically, the voting rate for adults without a high school diploma is less than half the rate for those with advanced degrees
  • 60% of those with low academic skills feel they have no influence on public decisions and the political process
  • In 2018, 63% of all US jobs will require a high school diploma; nearly one-half of the US workforce —approximately 88 million of 188 million adults ages 18-64—has only a high school education or less and /or low English proficiency

Many are motivated by wanting to serve as a better role model for their children and to help their children succeed in school. “A mother’s education level is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success outweighing other factors like neighborhood and family income.”

Benefits of Adult Education -

  • Full time workers with a high school diploma earn almost $10,000 more per year
  • Full time workers with at least some college, but no degree, can earn almost $13,000 more on average
  • Higher levels of education result in lower rates of chronic disease and fewer hospital visits for  children and their caregivers
  • Federal, state and local governments can gain $2.5 billion in tax revenue and reduced expenses for every 400,000 adults who earn a high school diploma
  • Adult education makes communities safer
  • Inmate participation in adult education reduces recidivism (29%) according to a 3 state study
  • Voting strongly corresponds to educational attainment

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