Carmen Needs New Shoes

Carmen Needs New Shoes

Carmen needs new shoes

Carmen needs 25,000 pairs of NEW shoes! Will you help her?

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" - Romans 10:15


In early September, Carmen will be joining JOY FM artist Brandon Heath and other JOY FM listeners on a Mission Trip to Honduras with Buckner International. Shoes for Orphans is Buckner’s largest humanitarian aid project, collecting more than 1.6 million pairs of new shoes for orphans and at-risk children. Since shoes are a constant need among orphans worldwide, the project has provided a gateway for Buckner to move into many new countries to help implement lasting change for children. It also provides many orphans with the opportunity to learn about Christ's love as individuals travel to place shoes on their feet and share the message of hope.




That's the number of shoes YOU collected!  




Two Men and a Truck

Transportation for Pick-up & delivery of the new shoes from the 'Drop-off' locations
is provided by Two Men & a Truck…