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We believe in a loving God who created life and all that is. God was most perfectly revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whom we know as Christ our Savior. We study the scripture of the Holy Bible to learn about faith, to contemplate God's grace, and to be close in spirit with our Lord. We worship together regularly so we might build up and encourage each other's faith. We give our financial gifts to strengthen the church and to reach out in service to the community and the world. We serve in local missions and overseas, because God gave us gifts to be shared, and we see Christ revealed in the love and fellowship of our neighbors. We believe in the effectiveness of prayer to change us and make us more loving. We want the light and love of our faith to be powerful witnesses to the world, so that people might grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Our heritage is Methodist. Methodism began as a revival group within the Church of England. It was begun by John Wesley, an English pastor, who was so disciplined and methodical that others teased him and called him a methodist! Wesley adopted this taunt and made it his rule. To this day we emphasize the disciplines of Christian life: regular worship, participation in small groups, study of the Bible, prayer, giving, and service to others.

We Methodists are connected to Methodists all around the world. We hold each other accountable for disciplined living, and we support and encourage each other in ministry.

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