Highlights from Monday, Apr 07, 2014

Week of April 7-11, 2014 

MONDAY, April 7th 

Dave challenged Bill and Carmen to take a science quiz. 

LISTEN Science Quiz 

TUESDAY, April 8th 

Carmen challenged Bill and Dave to not consume any sugar on Wednesday. Bill was reluctant to accept the challenge but did so after he presented Carmen with a challenge to read more of the book, The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. 

LISTEN No Sugar Day Challenge 

LISTEN Dave says Yes, Bill says No 

LISTEN The Great Divorce Challenge 

LISTEN Carmen gets encouragement to finish The Great Divorce 

LISTEN Biochemist calls to tell Bill and Carmen they are both right 


WEDNESDAY, April 9th 

Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR came into town to share songs from his new album, All or Nothing.


LISTEN Carmen revisits The Great Divorce 

LISTEN Carmen introduced Mike to Orangetheory 

LISTEN Mike tells us where the album title came from mikeschair all or nothing

LISTEN Mike explains the message of "People Like Me" 

LISTEN Bill asks Mike about "This Is Our Moment" 

LISTEN Dave asks about "Everything You Say" 

LISTEN Mike talks about being faithful in the waiting in "I Can Wait" 

LISTEN Carmen and Mike- Ethiopia Mission Trip Announcement 

LISTEN Mike shares some favorite moments from previous mission trips 

LISTEN Mike shares one of his favorite songs, "Over And Over" 


THURSDAY, April 10th 

Dave is preparing for his Easter production that will be performed this weekend. Dave wrote the script and had Bill and Carmen perform a scene. We also called Ken, a listener that made a special request after attending the Thrive tour and seeing For King & Country. After hearing what he does as a softball coach, we reached out to the band to fulfill his request. 

LISTEN Bill and Carmen perform a scene from Dave's Easter production 

LISTEN Call to Ken


FRIDAY, April 11th 

It was a day full of conversations with some of our favorite artists. We talked with Lindsay McCaul about her music and being sugar-free! We also spoke with the Aussie bloke, Joel from for King & Country. Joel called to follow-up on the story with Coach Ken and his request for their necklaces. We also talked with him about his wife, Moriah Peters, and the world premiere his new song, Fix My Eyes. 

LISTEN Lindsay McCaul on being sugar- free

LISTEN Lindsay McCaul on her music 

LISTEN Bill catches us up on our reading of The Great Divorce 

LISTEN for King & Country's Joel on the Priceless Necklace

LISTEN Joel tells us about the song, Fix My Eyes