Highlights from Monday, Mar 31, 2014

Week of March 31-April 4, 2014 


MONDAY, March 31st  

Carmen shared a blog on 8 reasons why you are not losing weight. Carmen also shared some thoughts on wrestling with grief. 

LISTEN 8 reasons you aren't losing weight 

LISTEN Wrestling with grief- part 1 

LISTEN Wrestling with grief- part 2


TUESDAY, April 1st 

We had some fun on April Fool's Day as Dave and Bill switched roles. "Bill" found a shakespeare app and "Dave" talked about the healthy benefits of bacon. Carmen shared the story of Amy Purdy and her Dad from Dancing With The Stars. 

LISTEN "Bill's" Shakespeare App 

LISTEN "Dave" on bacon health 

LISTEN Caller shares some fun things about bacon 

LISTEN Dave and Bill get caught in their April Fool's antics 

LISTEN Amy Purdy and her Dad on Dancing With The Stars 

WEDNESDAY, April 2nd 

SPECIAL EDITION of No Net Wednesday. We had Justin and Trisha Davis, authors of the book, Beyond Ordinary, available to answer your questions in regards to marriage and reconciliation. There was so much great content that we had to make another page for it HERE

THURSDAY, April 3rd 

Brandon Heath will be getting married soon and The Morning Cruise will be in attendance. Carmen found a fashion accessory for Dave and Bill to make them a little more hip in Nashville. Dave discovered recipes for gourmet toast and Carmen shared some thoughts from Michael Hyatt on the 4 difficult sentences for leaders (and parents!) 

LISTEN New Fashion Accessory- Part 1 

LISTEN New Fashion Accessory- Part 2 

LISTEN Gourmet Toast 

LISTEN Michael Hyatt- 4 difficult sentences for leaders 

FRIDAY, April 4th 

Carmen shared some thoughts from Beth Moore's Bible Study on Philippians 4. 

LISTEN Philippians 4