Highlights from Monday, Mar 24, 2014

Week of March 24-28, 2014 


MONDAY, March 24th 

Dave's son is getting married later this year. Recently, the video of their proposal story was featured on howheasked.com. Jayar overheard Carmen talking about spaghetti squash and wanted to make some. It didn't quite turn out as it should have. And Dave shared the story of the Chicago train that derailed this morning. A listener called in to share her story of a time when she and her husband were stuck in traffic. 

LISTEN Daniel and Danielle on howheasked.com spaghetti squash

LISTEN Jayar's Spaghetti Squash Fail  

LISTEN Claustrophobia and traffic 







TUESDAY, March 25th 

Carmen challenged Bill to a 30-day plank challenge. Bill shared the story of a woman who used an app on her phone to find out who stole it. 


LISTEN The 30-Day Plank Challenge 

CHALLENGE  yourself to the 30-Day Plank Challenge with this plan 

LISTEN The 30-Day Plank Challenge- Day 1 Results 

LISTEN Lost Cell Phone and Lookout App 

READ the story 

LISTEN Bill shares some tips from the FCC for Stolen and Lost Wireless Devices 

LEARN more info from  the FCC on Stolen and Lost Wireless Devices 



WEDNESDAY, March 26th 

Carmen started to worry that as she gets older, she is becoming more OCD. But she wasn't alone as we heard from a lot of people about their own little quirks. Bill shared a list of 16 accountability killers. 

LISTEN Carmen's quirks 

LISTEN OCD quirks- hotel furniture 

LISTEN OCD quirks- numbers, bridesmaids and pizza 

LISTEN 16 Accountability killers- part 1 

LISTEN 16 Accountability killers- part 2 


THURSDAY, March 27th 

Carmen shared another lesson from Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" Bible Study and we took a spiritual thermometer test. 

LISTEN Breaking Free Thermometer Test- Part 1 

LISTEN Breaking Free Thermometer Test- Part 2 


FRIDAY, March 28th 

Bill told us about the updates to the new stadium for the Atlanta Braves. We also shared a letter from one of our younger listeners, Nicholas, with a great perspective 

LISTEN Braves Stadium updates 

LISTEN Letter from Nicholas